Are you …

• Tired of people asking you what you are going to do with your life?
• Struggling to decide your educational path and/or major?
• Frustrated that you can’t find work that you love?
• Afraid of making the wrong career decision?
• Lack direction?

At Inspired Strengths we help you…

• Gain confidence to clearly explain your career choice
• Explore and decide what educational path best fits you
• Discover your unique talents and skills that allow you to thrive at work
• Determine how your career choices relate to the current job trends
• Design next steps and a plan of action

…so you can get your career on track!

Career Coaching is assessments, tools and focused conversation between coach and client that identifies potential satisfying career directions.

Contact Inspired Strengths NOW!!!

Call for your complimentary consultation to discuss how you can get started finding a satisfying career.
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